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“From our first date we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.  As we have gotten to know each other more deeply in our relationship, we have so many great qualities in each other that led us on a journey to start a family together.  Raising two french bulldog puppies together has revealed a more gentle, nurturing side in us, and seeing how we interact with our nephews and nieces and our families shows our genuine love for kids and family.  We value our family, our faith, and our relationship to each other above all else, and there is nothing more we want to do together than build a family.”

“From the early days of meeting over three years ago, we were always on the same page about wanting to have children, though we knew that our path would not be as straight forward as a same-sex couple. We got engaged two years into our relationship and started looking into fertility options more seriously, as we both were in our 30’s and knew we wanted more than one child. We discovered Main Line Fertility and were excited to find an office that seemed really in tune with our specific family needs. From our initial consultation with Dr. Bloom, we felt like we had a much more concrete plan and despite some surprises and setbacks along the way, we are now happily expecting our first baby together!”


“As a 42-year-old, single, LGBTQ woman I truly believed I had said goodbye to the dream of one day being a mother. Although it was something I always wanted, circumstances and choices always took me in a different direction. At some point the scales tipped. My fear of doing parenthood as a solo artist paled in comparison to my fear of never having tried. That’s when I hit the “Get Started” button on the MLF website.”

“We finally found the right person to share all of our life goals with and connect with on so many levels. Because Jenn was over 30 by the time we connected as a couple, we knew child bearing had a timeline. Neither one of us had any hesitation to begin realizing the dream of becoming parents.”

Our Physicians

We value all families with an understanding of the love and commitment it takes to make one. At Main Line Fertility, all physicians have extensive experience on helping LGBTQ+ patients achieve their goals of becoming parents and to translate the love they feel into the family they each desire. Each of our physicians have completed family equality training and are committed to providing the most inclusive care possible.

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