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How often should you update your website?

Have you ever imagined updating your web design? Web design not only means what is seen – it also includes how well a page navigates, how information is displayed and what software run the site. There are no limits to web design. It is up to you to decide what to update. However, this doesn’t mean that everything is done spontaneously; on the contrary, there has to be some planning and picking what needs updating with regards to your brand and business.

To determine whether your website needs an update ask yourself these questions:

Does your website collect visitors’ contact information?
One pointer for an update is whether the site collects visitor contact information. It is not possible to make any sales without contacting anyone.
Any business is geared towards getting more sales and generating leads. Visitors also need to be taken to a landing page where more information about your page and offers are given. If this doesn’t run smoothly, consider updating to more functional systems.

Does your website tell visitors what your business can do for them?
Is it easy for visitors to learn what you have to offer them within a short time after landing on your home page? It is vital that customers are able to lean what is on offer and whether it is suitable in meeting their needs. Competition is always there and you should try as much as possible to beat all competitors to drive more sales.

How often should you update content on your website?
If you cannot provide your visitors with relevant information then there is no point of having a website. The internet is filled with millions of services and goods, and if you don’t present your ideas in a clear manner, yours will also end up never seeing the light. Always stick to what is current and relevant.

Has the technology changed?
Browsers are frequently upgraded to suit the browsing needs for clients. More often, they will also influence how well information will display in different devices. If the search engine changes, so should your website.

Has your business goal changed?
Nothing in a business is permanent and regular shifts to find the perfect brand is common. Sometimes you just need to modify the way in which you offer services to best gratify your customers. In all this, it is important to keep the web design as a mirror image of what the business is about.

If you answered yes to any of these, you should consider a new website. The 412 Crew (Pittsburgh website design) can help you update your website.