Healthier sperm increase your odds of success with in vitro fertilization

Main Line Fertility is proud to be the only fertility clinic in the Greater Philadelphia area to offer patients the ZyMōt Sperm Separation Device – a better way for our embryologists to prepare sperm. Each device is designed to deliver the highest quality sample with the lowest possible levels of DNA fragmentation without the use of sperm-damaging centrifugation. Healthier sperm produce outcomes that matter to patients: improved progressive motility, a higher proportion of normal morphology, increased fertilization rates, and higher euploidy and pregnancy rates.

Your Highest Quality Sample. Your Best Possible Outcomes.

Higher Euploidy Rates

Improved Motility and Morphology

Reduced Risk of Sample Mishandling

Increased Fertilization Rates

For more information about the ZyMōt Sperm Separation Device, please contact our patient care advocate.