Establish the optimal time for embryo transfer

Many patients undergoing IVF are unable to get pregnant, even after transferring good quality embryos. Although a good quality embryo is an important starting point, it is also important to transfer the embryo into a uterus that is ready to receive the embryo.

The timing of embryo transfer must coordinate with your body’s menstrual cycle, neither too early nor too late, but at just the right time. For most patients, the best time to transfer an embryo is the same, but for some, it can be different.

Main Line Fertility offers patients The Igenomix ERA® test to help avoid implantation failure by establishing the best day for embryo transfer.


3 in 10 women have a displaced window of implantation

Patients Who May Benefit From ERA Testing include:

  • Patients who have suffered an implantation failure
  • Patients who are undergoing assisted reproductive treatment

For more information about endometrial receptivity analysis, please contact our patient care advocate.