At Main Line Fertility, we understand that starting IVF may feel overwhelming for some patients. Our IVF concierge team is comprised of compassionate health care professionals who are experienced in guiding patients throughout the entire process. When you are ready to begin your IVF journey, please complete the following IVF patient checklist. Typically, it will take 4-6 weeks to complete the checklist and receive all of your medications.

The IVF concierge team is available to assist patients at 484.380.4900 or All calls and emails will be returned within one business day. For a medically urgent question, please call 610.527.0800 and choose option 1 to page a physician. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911.

IVF Patient Checklist

1. You will meet with your Main Line Fertility physician for a detailed discussion about your fertility health and family planning goals. You, your partner (if applicable) and your physician will decide together if you should pursue in vitro fertilization (IVF) at which time your physician will design a personalized protocol. You must complete this consultation within 6 months of starting IVF.

2. Contact the IVF concierge team at 484.380.4900 to schedule your e-learning, IVF orientation, carrier screening and annual testing.

3. Have your most recent pap smear results faxed to 484.380.4866. If you need an updated pap smear, please schedule with your OB/GYN or at MLF with Tara Bussett, CRNP at 610.853.1112.

4. If applicable, have any required clearances faxed to 484.380.4866. Clearances must state, patient is cleared to undergo an IVF surgical procedure with anesthesia and attempt pregnancy.

5. If you are using donor sperm for your IVF cycle the specimen should be ordered and received by MLF before the start of the cycle.

6. You and your partner (if applicable) should complete and sign all IVF consents via e-sign.

7. Contact your insurance company to discuss your infertility coverage and prescription coverage.

8. Submit your medication questionnaire to the IVF concierge team.

9. Apply to prescription assistance programs.

11. Contact the research department to see if you qualify for an IVF clinical trial at 484.380.4861 or Qualified patients may receive discounted treatment and/or medication.

12. Explore financial resources to assist in affording care and contact the MLF financial coordinator at 484.380.4883 to discuss investment and payment.

Financial Resources

13. Once all items on this checklist are complete, contact the IVF Concierge Team at 484.380.4890 or to review and discuss your start date.