At Main Line Fertility, we understand that starting IVF may feel overwhelming for some patients. Our IVF concierge team is comprised of compassionate health care professionals who are experienced in guiding patients throughout the entire process. When you are ready to begin your IVF journey, please complete the following IVF patient checklist. Typically, it will take 4-6 weeks to complete the checklist and receive all of your medications.

The IVF concierge team is available to assist patients at 484.380.4900 or All calls and emails will be returned within one business day. For a medically urgent question, please call 610.527.0800 and choose option 1 to page a physician. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911.

IVF Patient Checklist

All items on this checklist must be completed prior to starting an IVF cycle. 

A printable version of the IVF patient checklist can be found here. Patients of Dr. Minassian should follow the Reading IVF checklist.

Clinical and Legal

Contact the IVF Concierge Team at 484.380.4900 to schedule and complete:
◻ e-learning videos
◻ IVF orientation
◻ carrier screening
◻ consents (must be e-signed within one year of cycle start)
◻ applicable required testing (must occur within one year of cycle start):

Have your most recent pap smear result faxed to 484.380.4866. If you haven’t had a recent pap smear, please schedule with your OB/GYN or at Main Line Fertility with Tara Bussett, CRNP at 610.853.1112.

Have any required clearances faxed to 484.380.4866. Clearances must state, “Patient is cleared to undergo an IVF surgical procedure with anesthesia and attempt pregnancy”.

If your treatment plan includes the use of  pre-implantation genetic testing/diagnosis (PGT/PGD) ensure you have completed the MLF embryo biopsy consents via your online portal. If you have specific questions, please reach out to the embryology department at 484.380.5200 or

If your treatment plan includes the use of an anonymous sperm donor, the specimen should be ordered and received from the sperm bank before the start of your cycle. Contact our donor sperm coordinator at 610.527.9867 for assistance in fulfilling all related requirements.

If your treatment plan includes the use of a known sperm donor, an anonymous or known egg donor, an anonymous or known embryo donor, and/or a gestational carrier, contact our third party coordinator at 484.222.4567 for assistance in fulfilling all related requirements.

If you are interested in participating in an IVF clinical trial, contact our research department. Qualified patients may receive discounted treatment and/or medication.

Insurance and Affording Care

Contact your insurance company to discuss your infertility and prescription coverage. To ensure a thorough and productive interaction with your insurance company, we created an IVF treatment coverage guide.

Learn about the MLF IVF refund program and decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Explore financial resources to assist in affording care.

Contact the MLF financial coordinator at 484.380.4883 to discuss your investment and payment.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Submit your medication questionnaire online or email a hard copy to the IVF Concierge Team.

Apply to prescription assistance programs.

Review your medication education, injection training modules and proper protocols for handling sharps and hazardous waste disposal.

Once all items on the checklist are complete, contact the IVF Concierge team at 484.380.4890 or with day 1 of your period.

Please Note

  • COVID-19 testing is required for all patients at the start of their cycle and within 72 hours before any IVF procedure. Our care team will assist in scheduling your tests.
  • The Main Line Fertility IVF lab shuts down twice per year to deep-clean the laboratory and to perform preventative maintenance on equipment. Maintaining these high standards of excellence ensures the best culture conditions for your specimens. Learn more about the lab shut down, specific dates, and how this may impact your cycle.

Meet The Team

Experienced, compassionate and dedicated to helping you on your journey.

Tina Heimbach

An avid traveler and a fantastic chef who pays tremendous attention to detail, Tina is our team lead. With over a decade of fertility experience, her extensive understanding of the IVF process ensures a smooth journey for our patients.

Robin Leonard

The unofficial recipient of the MLF “Miss Congeniality” award, Robin is always a pleasure to work with. When she’s not using her deep knowledge of fertility to help grow MLF families, Robin can be found cheering on the Eagles. Go Birds!

Jacquelyn Mkrtchian

An integral member of the team who is known for her compassion and positive attitude, Jacquelyn takes pride in guiding patients throughout their IVF journey. If she’s not in the office, Jacquelyn prefers to have her toes in the sand!

Amanda Laird

As a two-time surrogate, Amanda truly understands the process of IVF and is passionate about helping her patients. A MLF patient even named her baby after Amanda due her kindness and support during her IVF journey!

Dawn Stufflet

Family is at the heart of everything Dawn does and she has spent over 15 years in the field of reproductive medicine helping her patients grow theirs. Dawn’s happy place is being outdoors!

Morgan Sheets

Exceptionally kind and highly experienced in IVF, Morgan is a hometown Reading girl who has spent over a decade helping her community grow their families as a fertility nurse. You may see her walking her beloved dog, Al Poochino, in her free time.