Main Line Fertility’s highest priority is safety 

  • MLF is currently offering all treatments
  • There is no wait time to begin treatments
  • Only the patient receiving care may enter our offices to ensure the continued safety of our patients and care team.
  • For questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, The Main Line Fertility Care Team refers patients to The American College of Gynecology. If you have further questions, please speak with your occupational health and/or department supervisor or an infectious disease expert.
  • To ensure you are able to start an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle or a frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycle as soon as you start your menses, please ensure you have completed all pertinent items on the prepardness checklist.

We are making our offices as safe as possible with:

medical grade disinfecting

All facilities and equipment have been professionally cleaned

COVID-19 screenings

All patients and care team members are being screened before entering premises

heightened protection strategy

Sanitation policies and procedures in accordance with CDC guidelines 

In compliance with Pennsylvania State orders we are enforcing that everyone who enters our office: 

  • wears a mask (neck gaiters and bandannas are not acceptable)
  • practices social distancing
  • is the patient receiving care (no partners or support persons)
  • have no symptoms of COVID-19
  • have their temperature taken
  • arrive exactly on time and leave immediately after their appointment

All IVF patients who will enter the MLF surgery center will need to be tested for COVID-19

To take the health survey and schedule your COVID-19 testing appointment visit

Frequently Asked Questions

My cycle was cancelled due to COVID-19 and my medicine expired. What should I do?

The ReUnite Reassurance Program will replace some medications for patients who’s cycles were cancelled due to COVID-19. For more information email .

I have a specific question about my care. Who do I contact?

Fertility care coordinators will be available Monday thru Thursday from 8:30am – 1pm at 610.527.0800 . You can also email our patient care advocate at

Which offices will be open for treatment?

All MLF office locations are now open for all treatments.

What should I do to prepare for my visit to the office?

To ensure the utmost safety for our patients and care team we are enforcing that everyone who enters our office

  • must wear a mask (neck gaiters and bandannas are not acceptable)
  • only the patient receiving treatment at that appointment may enter the office
  • practice social distancing
  • are healthy
  • have their temperature taken upon entry
  • leave immediately after their appointment

What has MLF done to ensure the office is safe?

To ensure our offices are as safe as possible we have had our offices and equipment professionally cleaned. We are screening everyone – patients and care team – to ensure no one is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and following sanitation policies and procedures in accordance with CDC guidelines.

What can i do to ensure I can start treatment ASAP?

To start treatment as soon as possible ensure you have completed all pertinent items on the preparedness checklist and then call 610.527.0800 on day 1 of your menses.

What if a patient becomes pregnant and is diagnosed with COVID-19?

As the COVID-19 coronavirus is a new infection, we currently have very limited information. Pregnant women do not appear to be at increased risk for developing COVID-19. As with most respiratory infections, women who are pregnant may have a more severe course. We do not know at this time what, if any, risks are posed to the infants of pregnant women with COVID-19. The initial reports we have are reassuring. Healthy, uninfected children have been delivered to women with the COVID-19 infection. Pregnant women should follow all public health advisories and practice social distancing.

What if a patient is diagnosed with COVID-19 during treatment?

If a patient is diagnosed with COVID-19, the current advice is to stop treatment at that time. If you have been exposed and are showing symptoms of a COVID-19 infection, you most likely will not be able to continue treatment. Your provider will help guide you.