The Santangelo Family

“The staff at Main Line Fertility really became our family. Dr. Glassner, in all of this, was funny which we really appreciated. He clearly went through our thick file from our other doctors and was well prepared for our first meeting. He told us if we got to a point where he couldn’t do much more for us he would let us know. When I look at Clara and Timmy now and everything we went through to get them here… it was worth every pin prick, doctor’s appointment, blood draw and needle.”

The Kelly Family

“There is truly not a day that goes by that I don’t think of everything Dr. Brasile and the Main Line Fertility community has done for our family. Upon our initial consultation, we immediately fell in love with Dr. Brasile’s straightforward, confident, yet insanely kind personality. She constantly had our best interest at heart and held us together through the most mentally and physically challenging time in our lives. Dr. Brasile was our biggest fan, most constant supporter, and our rock when we were unable to hold each other up. We became a team and Dr. Brasile was truly the glue that kept us together through the trials and heartache of infertility. The MLF care team are truly the sweetest, most personable and selfless group of individuals we have ever been lucky enough to encounter.”

The Krenski-Kennedy Family

“We had a phenomenal experience with Dr. Bloom.
She cared for us like we were family and we felt very comfortable throughout treatment. Thank you so much for helping us grow our family.”

The Barnwell Family

“I can’t thank Main Line Fertility enough for helping us have our beautiful daughter. I always felt so supported at Dr. Minassian’s office in Reading. He was really great and so supportive. The entire care team went above and beyond – I am especially grateful for Morgan. When she had to deliver difficult news she was so caring and took the time to make sure we were okay. When she had good news we could tell she was truly celebrating with us. We are so thankful for everyone at Main Line Fertility Reading!.”

The Green Kim Family

“From the first meeting, we instantly felt safe with Dr. Glassner. As we went through the process, his care team became our family and shared in our excitement and supported us through the setbacks. We were assured that Dr. Glassner would not stop until we achieved our goal of having a family. We were always treated with overwhelming care and compassion and we are forever grateful for the many people who helped us build our family.”

The Heath Family

“Our experience at Main Line Fertility was awesome. We worked with Dr. Glassner and his incredible care team. During our journey we struggled with PCOS and a difficult ectopic pregnancy that resulted in a loss. The nurses understood the emotional, physical, and financial stress of dealing with infertility and they were so supportive. I’m happy to say that our perseverance paid off and we finally found out we were expecting, I felt like the staff at MLF were just as excited as we were. They helped support us through our first trimester and reassured us that things were okay. When we graduated from Main Line Fertility we received hugs and well wishes from the care team which really made me feel that they cared about us and our journey.”

The Jones Family

“Our experience at Main Line Fertility was beyond exceptional! We are forever grateful for Dr. Brasile and the entire MLF care team. It takes a special group of people to know what to say during difficult news, and how to turn tears into laughter after a hard appointment. We can’t thank our team enough for our beautiful twins, James and Jessica.”