Managing the Cost of Fertility Treatments

Main Line Fertility is committed to offering patients personalized fertility care and cutting edge technology, understanding that some will also need help navigating expenses along the journey. As we’ve helped build thousands of families, our team has answered many questions related to the costs of IVF and fertility treatment:

  • Is there an IVF package deal for multiple cycles?
  • Are there affordable IVF options?
  • How do I finance fertility care?
  • Will my insurance cover fertility treatments?
  • If the IVF treatments don’t work, am I financially protected?

Fertility Care Is More Affordable with Bundl FertilityTM

In an effort to help patients clear financial hurdles and grow their families with peace of mind, Main Line partnered with Bundl, a unique program that bundles treatments into a single package for one reduced, up-front cost. The added guarantee: If your treatments are unsuccessful, Bundl may offer full or partial refunds.

Patients have the added benefit of working with empathetic individuals guided by compassion. Having had their own first-hand experience with fertility journeys, the Bundl team designed a flexible program that they didn’t see elsewhere –– one that can be customized to specific needs, but ultimately lowers fertility treatment costs and includes financial protection.

How Does Bundl Help with Fertility Costs?

Bundl is not a bank or a lending space — it is a unique program designed to empower intended parents and help make the financial aspects of fertility care more practial. In addition to customizing an affordable fertility package that offers a layer of risk protection, the Bundl team can also offer you an additional layer of risk protection through Success Guard™ and Bundl Guard™.

A Bundl package is helpful in the following scenarios:

  • No insurance coverage for fertility treatments
  • Partial coverage for fertility treatment costs, but lack of clarity on managing expenses from there
  • Concern about “hidden” expenses
  • Desire for risk protection if fertility treatments are unsuccessful
  • Uncertainty about where to start

Getting pregnant isn’t always easy. Financing fertility should be.

Focus on what matters most — growing your family. Bundl is currently accepting new clients.

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