In-House No Wait Egg Donor Bank

Egg donation is the process in which a person or couple receives  donated eggs to enable conception through assisted reproductive technology. Main Line Fertility offers one of the country’s largest and most experienced egg donation programs and recognizes the unique emotional, physical and logistical complexities faced by our donor egg recipients. We strive to provide a supportive and rewarding experience for all parties involved in the donor egg process. Our third party reproduction team works with patients to choose the right egg donor for them (known or anonymous) and offers continued support throughout the entire process.

“I was hesitant about egg donation at first. I needed to come to terms with the fact that my DNA would not be passed on to my child. However, I quickly realized that my blood, body, and food would nourish the baby and biologically she would be mine. For me, it was important to experience pregnancy, carry a baby, and go through the birthing process. Thanks to the egg donor program and the unbelievable staff at MLF we now have a beautiful baby girl. She looks EXACTLY like her daddy but I know she has my spirit and personality!”
– Main Line Fertility Egg Donor Recipient

Our exclusive in-house no wait donor egg database enables us to provide our patients with access to over two thousand high quality eggs in a time frame that fits their busy schedules. Main Line Fertility patients have the option of choosing a fresh donor egg cycle or a frozen donor egg cycle. In addition to meeting all FDA compliance standards, our egg donors complete a thorough medical, psychological and genetic screening process by our physicians. For anonymous egg donors, we maintain strict confidentiality of the donor’s and the recipient’s identity. The egg recipient will have access to all of the available donor medical history.

Donor eggs are commonly used by:

  • Patients who have decreased ovarian function
  • Patients with premature ovarian failure
  • Patients with genetic abnormalities
  • Same-sex couples
  • Single parents

For more information about third party reproduction and access to our egg donor database, please contact our team at [email protected] or 484.222.4567.