A diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming and sometimes the life-saving treatments prescribed may threaten a patient’s ability to conceive children in the future. There is a small window of opportunity between cancer diagnosis and treatment in which a patient can pursue fertility preservation.

The mission of The Oncofertility Consortium at Main Line Fertility is to support and educate patients about fertility preservation options.  We offer immediate appointments, discounted anesthesia, and medications.

Main Line Fertility’s Oncofertility Coordinator, Anne Wendel, RN, BSN has over 20 years of experience educating, supporting and guiding newly diagnosed cancer patients through the fertility preservation process. She has been recognized as one of Philadelphia Magazine’s Health Heros.

For more information about fertility preservation before cancer treatment, please contact our Oncofertility Coordinator Anne Wendel, RN, BSN at 484.380.4879 or anne.wendel@mainlinefertility.com