We understand that family structures are as varied and diverse as the individuals within them, and are well equipped to support multi-parent households. Our care team is specifically trained to provide support to every patient and family unit we work with, so you can expect to be treated respectfully at every step along the way.

We are ready to welcome every family/parenting structure in our practice. Here are the systems we have in place to ensure that your experience with us is a great one:

  • We have built our forms and documents with you in mind–whenever possible, we’ve used gender-inclusive language that doesn’t assume the genders of any patients who come through our doors (or the genders of their partners).

  • Our care team are trained not to assume that any patient has just one partner, so you shouldn’t have to correct anyone’s language as you work with us.

  • Our care team are trained not to assume the genders of people who come through our doors, so you can expect to be asked for your pronouns and have them respected throughout our partnership. Similarly, our staff are trained to ask (and not assume) the relationships of the individuals we work with, without defaulting to “husband” and “wife” or “mommy” and “daddy” language. You should be able to tell us how to refer to each of you, and can expect to have that language respected.

  • We are happy to support you in determining which partner is most medically optimal for biological parenthood, if you would like help understanding the fertility capabilities of each of you. For example, if two people have uteruses, we can provide fertility work-ups for each person and make a recommendation about which is more likely to successfully carry a pregnancy to term. If two people’s bodies produce sperm, we can tell you which sample is ideal for contributing to a viable pregnancy. And if anyone is experiencing infertility, we can assist in supporting you through processes to increase their fertility potential.

Depending on the biological realities at play in a multi-parent family, you may benefit from any of the options we offer to our patients, including the following: