More and more people of all gender identities and sexual orientations are choosing to pursue parenthood without a romantic partner. If this is you, not only are you not alone in your choice but you are also fully supported by our team at Main Line Fertility! Here are the systems we have in place to ensure that your experience with us is a great one:

  • All of our forms are intentionally created with you in mind– we don’t assume that every patient has a partner.

  • We encourage you to bring a support person with you to your visits with us, and we don’t place restrictions on the type of relationship that person has to you. You may bring a parent, a close friend, a professional support person, a non-romantic co-parent, a chosen family member, or anyone who helps you feel safe and grounded.

  • If you ever find yourself wanting or needing a “buddy” to help you look at donor registries, pep talk you through an injection, hold your hand during a procedure, or anything else you could use some support on, our Patient Care Advocate is happy to be on call to assist.

When it comes to medical procedures we offer for intentional solo parents, you’ll have access to the same range of options that all of our patients do, including the following: