Heroes Program

In appreciation for the men and women who serve our country and community, we offer a 20% discount on most services not covered by insurance.

We extend our Main Line Fertility Heroes Program to Active Duty members of the Military, Reservists, National Guard members, Veterans of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Paramedics and their spouses. Please contact our financial coordinator Amy Brennan (484-380-4883) for further information.

Veterans Choice Program (VCP)

The Veterans Choice Program is one of several programs through which a Veteran can receive care from a community provider. To use the Veterans Choice Program, Veterans must receive prior authorization from the VA to receive care from Main Line Fertility. The authorization is based on specific eligibility requirements and discussions with the Veteran’s VA provider. VA must authorize care that is needed beyond the scope of the first authorization.

Oncofertility Program

A diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming, and if you are of reproductive age, future fertility may be a concern. For patients pursuing fertility preservation services prior to cancer treatment Main Line Fertility offers immediate appointments, deeply discounted medications, anesthesia and fertility services. Please contact our oncofertility coordinator Anne Wendel (484-380-4879) for more information.

Drexel and Main Line Health Discount Program

Main Line Fertility is affiliated with The Drexel University School of Medicine and extends a 20% discount to all self-pay Drexel students and employees on most fertility services. Please contact our financial coordinator Amy Brennan (484-380-4883) for more information.

Money Back Guarantee IVF Program

Main Line Fertility offers a money back guarantee IVF program for patients with no insurance coverage for IVF and donor egg cycles. The average infertility patient requires more than one IVF attempt to achieve pregnancy. Therefore, Main Line Fertility offers a multi-cycle money back guarantee program that maximizes your chance of having a baby while minimizing your financial risk. A portion of your investment will be refunded if you do not deliver a baby after the completion of three IVF treatment cycles and up to three frozen embryo transfer cycles.

The money back guarantee IVF program is available to couples meeting certain eligibility criteria, and patients must be accepted and approved in writing by the financial coordinator and lab director prior to starting treatment. Women must be under 38 years old to participate in the Main Line Fertility money back guarantee IVF program. Women over 38 and women with a diminished ovarian reserve may participate in the program using donor eggs.

The cost of the guaranteed IVF program depends on many factors including age, diagnosis, and treatment plan. Certain fees are not included in the program including pre-screening tests, fertility medications, pre-cycle surgeries unrelated to treatment, family balancing, pre implantation genetic diagnosis and recruitment fees for egg donors.

To find out more information about our guaranteed risk program, please contact our financial coordinator Amy Brennan (484-380-4883) .