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  “Dr Bloom was an integral part in making our dreams of becoming parents a reality. We would not change any of the ups or downs that we encountered throughout this whole process. It’s our story and we wouldn’t be who we are and where we are if it had... Continue reading
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Minassian 16

"I can't thank Dr. Minassian and his care team enough for all they have done for us over the years. His expertise, devotion, and compassion for his patients is unparalleled. Through the ups and downs he stood by us and made our dreams having a family come true. We are... Continue reading
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Gocial 18

"Dr. Gocial is a great doctor with a lot of experience. His compassion shows in all of his work. He shared that communication is very important to him and that he'd always be upfront with us and he has definitely done that. The thing that has made the most difference... Continue reading
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Brasile 3

“Thank you Main Line Fertility and Dr. Brasile for providing us an avenue to have a family. It was a long and hard process, but she stuck by us and worked with us to make it happen”
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Glassner 8

“My wife and I are both physicians in Philadelphia and we now have our own healthy baby boy as a result of the exemplary care at Main Line Fertility. We did extensive research on fertility centers in the greater Philadelphia area (also eliciting the opinions of other physicians) and we... Continue reading
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Minassian 18

"Dr. Minassian worked so hard to figure out exactly what was going to work best for us to have a baby. He was always very attentive and never rushed through appointments. He always showed compassion in a professional manner - a very patient doctor!"
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Gocial 17

"Dr. Gocial is someone I would refer a friend to without hesitation. He is empathetic and sensitive to the emotions that this journey may stir. Every visit he will shake our hands and ask us how we are doing. He explains everything in a manner that is easy to grasp... Continue reading
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Brasile 15

“Things felt hopeless after years of trying with no results and no explanation from other doctors. We finally met Dr. Brasile and felt instant relief. She is so intelligent and decisive and knew exactly what we needed to put us on the right path. On top of being an expert... Continue reading
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Gocial 12

"Dr. Gocial was my doctor and we loved him. He knew what to say every time he walked in the room to put me at ease. The day I had to have my d&c -even though he must have done thousands of them before- he treated me like it was... Continue reading
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Brasile 11

"From the moment you step in the door, you feel important and you know you are in good hands. The care team are so sweet, caring and knowledgeable. Dr. Brasile is beyond wonderful. I am so very lucky to have been in the care of these women, we conceived a... Continue reading