Determine your child’s risk of inheriting a genetic disease

With every pregnancy there is a small chance of a having a baby with a genetic disorder. With carrier screening you can learn your risk for passing an inherited genetic disorder to your child. The screening analyzes your DNA to provide specific information about your child’s risk for certain genetic disorders. This information allows you to make informed reproductive choices.

The physicians of Main Line Fertility unanimously recommend that all patients undergo carrier screening before attempting to conceive.  

More than 80% of children with a genetic disorder are born to parents with no family history or symptoms of the disorder

A carrier is someone who has one altered copy of a gene, called a variant, that is associated with a disease that could be passed down to a child. It is normal to be a carrier – most of us are carrier of at least one genetic disease – even if you are healthy and do not experience any symptoms. For most diseases, both you and your partner have to be carriers for the same condition for your children to be at increased risk.

For more information about carrier screening, please contact our patient care advocate.