The providers at Main Line Fertility understand that there are dozens of variations that exist within the Intersex umbrella. Whether you experience genetic, chromosomal, hormonal, or anatomical intersex variations, we are committed to providing evidence-based (not fear-based) support to you. Every person on our staff has been trained in the principles of Trauma-Informed Care, understanding that many intersex people have been subjected to unnecessary and unwanted procedures. We will always provide you with multiple options for your fertility journey, empowering you to decide which works best for you. We will ask for consent before touching you, will provide education using accessible language (with plenty of time for questions), and will look out for verbal and non-verbal signals that you need us to do something differently.

There are so many ways that one can be intersex! Because of this, we are available to offer you the same range of options that we provide all of our patients with, including the following: