What is age related infertility?

Unfortunately, fertility inevitably decreases in all humans over time. “Age-related infertility” refers to the range of issues that can occur as individuals age. Many factors can contribute to age-related infertility, including hormone shifts, egg quality and quantity, reduced sperm production, and more. Luckily, Main Line Fertility’s doctors have world-class tools on hand to address many of these challenges.

How can we help address age related infertility?

Due to advances in fertility science, what was once considered an impossible task is quickly becoming an everyday occurrence. Even the definition of “advanced maternal age” (which used to be any age over 35) has shifted to age 37. So whether you’re worried about reduced sperm count or egg depletion, we’ll tailor your treatment plan to maximize the fertility you currently have and possibly return it to what it once was (or somewhere close!).

From hormone therapy to timed insemination, there are many options for treating and accommodating the unique challenges of age-related infertility.