Company spotlight: Starbucks supports employees in need of IVF

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Company spotlight: Starbucks supports employees in need of IVF

For those dealing with the financial stress of fertility treatments, a job at Starbucks Coffee may just be the key to a promising solution.

With the rising cost of insurance and with many companies taking benefits away from employees, it’s unusual to hear about a major corporation giving more and better benefits to their employees (even more so in the way of reproductive care – such as IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and related treatments).

Fortunately, some companies are the exception to the rule… enter coffee giant Starbucks. This company has been attracting a great deal of positive attention lately as it has been covering IVF treatments for its employees – even part-timers. Recently, in October 2019, Starbucks announced that it had further enhanced its benefits so that for eligible employees, they’ll cover $25,000 dollars for IVF and another $10,000 for related medications per qualifying event. Starbucks also started offering a reimbursement for surrogacy and adoption – up to $10,000 dollars for each qualifying event (the lifetime maximum capped at $30,000).

Of course, this is crucial for those seeking fertility services, as the average IVF cycle is approximately $12,000 dollars (according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine).

Not surprisingly, these benefits have encouraged individuals who are considering these treatments to work either full or part-time at their local Starbucks. Employees utilizing these benefits have even formed their own Facebook group to connect with each other and offer encouragement (two popular groups are called Starbucks IVF Mammas and Starbucks IVF Warriors).

Dr. Glassner, MD, founding partner at Main Line Fertility in Philadelphia, explains, “It’s wonderful that a forward-thinking company such as Starbucks truly understands the struggles people face when dealing with fertility issues or deciding if they can feasibly move forward with the necessary treatments. This clearly shows that Starbucks supports their employees on a personal and emotional level. It not only encourages a life / work balance, but it shows the team that the company respects their choices to start a family. I applaud their commitment to the overall health of their employees.”

If you happen to work for Starbucks, there is more good news…the company announced in 2019 that it has added $250 million dollars in additional employee benefits. So if you already have a family, Starbucks has you covered, too. Their expansive family-friendly benefits include progressive parental leave, employee and family sick time, child care, adult care and tuition reimbursement for employees who wish to earn a bachelor’s degree.