What You Should Know About CoQ10

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What You Should Know About CoQ10

For those who wish to conceive and start a family, especially patients dealing with infertility, it’s always helpful to learn about the benefits of certain vitamins and supplements that are known to have positive impact on fertility. One such supplement is CoQ10, which is used to boost fertility in both women in men. Essentially, it’s an antioxidant that is present throughout every human cell. It lowers the impact of the reproductive system’s free-radicals, which are atoms (or groups of atoms) that can create a chain reaction in the body.

Suzie Welsh is a women’s health and fertility nurse and founder of Binto, an innovative wellness company that provides personalized supplements to women of all ages across the United States. Binto works hand-in-hand with Main Line Fertility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company’s scientific advisors use the latest research to support the formulation of their high- quality products. Along with the supplement support, patients at Main Line Fertility can communicate with a Binto nurse to find out more information about any supplement or ask any health and vitamin-related questions.

An advocate of CoQ10, Welsh explains, “CoQ10 makes our reproductive system more efficient and promotes energy. Since the reproductive process takes energy, as we age, our natural CoQ10 levels start to diminish. Taking CoQ10 in supplement form can help a woman’s eggs and sperm stay healthy and increase your cellular energy levels.”

She added, “CoQ10 is an effective, natural way to support egg quality in women as we age. Currently, there are very few known or researched supplements in this space. We know that CoQ10 is not harmful and will not negatively impact fertility, so it’s a great way to try and boost egg quality naturally.”

Binto provides patients with a healthy foundation for fertility, and can support them through pregnancy, postpartum stages and beyond. Binto provides health and nutrient support while also bridging the care gap between customers and providers / MDs by offering patients access to licensed providers via Binto’s digital platform.

According to Welsh, there is current research that has involved CoQ10 and mice, including the Anatomical Society’s 2015 study, entitled, Coenzyme Q10 restores oocyte mitrochondrial function and fertility during reproductive aging.* She said, “I strongly believe that we need more studies showing the benefits of CoQ10 in humans. However, one recent study did show slightly higher pregnancy rates in women undergoing IVF and taking CoQ10 than those taking a placebo. The study was small and has not been considered statistically significant, but, its results were favorable towards taking CoQ10.”

For those who choose to obtain their supplements through Binto, the company uses the highest quality, most bioavailable form: ubiquinol. A patient who uses Binto receives the dosage that their physician recommends, and all supplements are personalized and sent to patients in daily packets.

Welsh created the company so that it provides the highest-quality supplements at the fairest prices on the market today. She says, “We are backed by fertility specialists and nurses who believe in our company. We feel that IVF and fertility patients are going through so much on their personal fertility journey, that taking a supplement should feel like they are doing something good for themselves, and that’s truly what we offer.”

Learn more about Binto by visiting the website: https://mybinto.com/

*Link to study named above: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/acel.12368