Focus on INVOCELL: What Fertility Patients Should Know About this Groundbreaking Treatment

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Focus on INVOCELL: What Fertility Patients Should Know About this Groundbreaking Treatment

In today’s modern world, there are many scientific and medical advancements being introduced on a regular basis. Patients experiencing infertility now have access to an optional treatment, called INVOCELL. Physicians at Main Line Fertility in Philadelphia offer this new technology to some patients as they strive to provide the best possible care as an addition to their current, highly-advanced treatments that are presently offered.

INVOCELL is considered by the medical community to be a cutting-edge treatment that allows the embryo to grow inside a female patient instead of in a laboratory. This unique treatment also provides a special opportunity for multiple women to participate in the conception process. For example, for a same-sex couple, if one partner carries the child, the other partner can still participate in the initial pregnancy experience via INVOCELL.

Dr. Albert El-Roeiy, MD is the Director of Main Line Fertility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He believes that, for some patients, INVOCELL is an exceptional and worthwhile treatment to consider. He says, “Overall, this medical device gives both patients and physicians the chance to be a part of an innovative process.” He continued, “Main Line Fertility prides itself on staying on the cutting edge of infertility treatments and giving patients access to the most advanced products and procedures. We are delighted that INVOCELL has become one of the many state-of-the-art treatment options we can offer our patients, and are so honored to have been chosen to pioneer the use of this technology.”

El-Roeiy added, “INVOCELL is unique from both a personal and scientific point of view. It offers patients the chance to carry the embryo, which is a special, new opportunity for many of those who experience infertility.”

While the science behind INVOCELL is incredibly advanced, this treatment has been in use for years, and has a positive track record. It has steadily shown viable, concrete results over the years.

He explained, “The embryo quality and pregnancy rate associated with INVOCELL is close to those produced by IVF, while simultaneously having many additional benefits to offer patients. When embryos are fertilized via IVF, the specimen is left in an incubator for five days. With INVOCELL, the device allows the embryo process to remain within a patient’s body and engage in an entirely natural human process.”

In addition, patients who choose this type of treatment are usually relieved to learn that the typical cost of INVOCELL is considered to be very affordable, about 40% less than traditional IVF, which can ease the financial burden for patients.

El-Roeiy pointed out that INVOCELL offers an abundance of other benefits as well. “This treatment also involves less medication and reduces fewer incidences of ovarian hyper stimulation, which is when the body produces too many eggs. In fact, INVOCELL can even solve some ethical dilemmas that some patients may wrestle with when deciding to seek infertility treatment, as fewer embryos are left over after the treatment process — and there is no question of how to handle them in the future. At Main Line Fertility, we believe this incredible device gives some of our patients, as well as our fertility team, the unique opportunity to be part of something truly positive and revolutionary.”