The Best Age to Freeze Your Eggs

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The Best Age to Freeze Your Eggs

Today more than ever, women of all ages are benefitting from the many medical and technological advancements in the world of fertility and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). The process of egg freezing is also increasing in popularity, as it offers more options for women who wish to conceive or start a family a bit later in life.

The egg freezing procedure pertains to the method of preserving reproductive potential in women. Through a highly specialized medical process, eggs are harvested from a woman’s ovaries and then frozen in a laboratory facility. The eggs can be stored for a number of years, until the woman decides to move forward with a future pregnancy.

This life-changing service is offered in Philadelphia at Main Line Fertility, which features an on-site facility with a state-of-the-art laboratory and a professionally trained team of experienced individuals who assist women throughout the entire process.

Not surprisingly, many women considering this fertility preservation procedure know that timing is a key element. One of the main questions often asked is “at what age should I freeze my eggs?”

Bridget Brennan, RN, BSN, is a nurse at Main Line Fertility and works with women during this process. She explains, “The issue of the ‘perfect’ age is always a tough question to answer. When it comes to choosing the best age to freeze eggs, it’s important to understand the basic biology behind it. Age is a major factor when considering this process and it’s a scientific fact that for a woman, peak fertility is when she’s in her 20s. This means that she has the most eggs – and the highest quality of eggs — when she is young. So ideally, a woman should have this procedure in her twenties or early thirties. However, if you are considering this at any age, it’s essential to consult with a physician who can provide proper guidance.”

Brennan, who has been with Main Line Fertility for over five years, is much more than a dedicated Care team member. She offers a unique perspective on the entire egg freezing experience, as she has personally undergone the process at age 27, and is open to sharing her insights with other women who are considering this procedure.

She says, “I’m really an open book on this topic — and I am always glad to offer my personal viewpoint to women who may have questions or concerns about egg freezing. I froze my eggs at 27 because I knew I was going to have difficulty with a pregnancy in the future, due to a medical condition.”

She is currently pregnant with her second baby and believes she would not have achieved this successful pregnancy without egg freezing. She continued, “I especially enjoy my job here because I can relate to people who are going through this same journey and I am so honored that I can draw upon my own experiences and provide another layer of trusted support.”

For those considering egg freezing, another frequently-asked question involves the details of the procedure.

Brennan explained, “Patients start by speaking with a physician and undergoing a fertility assessment. Generally speaking, the process takes about two weeks from when you begin taking the injectable medications. But some patients are surprised to learn that actual retrieval takes only about 15 minutes, while under anesthesia.”

She added, “If a woman is considering fertility preservation through egg freezing, our team at Main Line Fertility is always available to answer any questions.”

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