Infertility and Religious Considerations

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Infertility and Religious Considerations

The fertility process sometimes presents unique challenges to religious couples who must adhere to specific rules of their faith while trying to start a family. PUAH is an organization that began in Israel about 30 years ago that helps Jewish couples successfully navigate the often-complex world of fertility procedures. With an active branch in the United States, PUAH offers complimentary counseling and assistance for patients throughout their journey.

Rabbi Elan Segelman, Rabbinic advisor for PUAH America explains, “The comfort of the couple is of utmost importance to us. We offer one-on-one support not only with medical issues, but we offer guidance from the perspective of Jewish laws as well. The PUAH team is well-versed in both medicine and Jewish law, and helps the patient get the best medical care without compromising their religious beliefs. Throughout the entire process, we maintain a close connection with the patients and the doctors, and we remain in contact even after the couples have their baby.”

PUAH America is also a proponent of fertility education for everyone involved and transparency is an essential key to the entire process. The group continually educates the community and raises awareness about a wide range of fertility issues. Rabbi Elan Segelman said, “Our goal is also to inform and educate rabbis and point persons on this topic as many couples may turn to those community leaders for advice when dealing with these types of struggles.”

In addition, PUAH also has a comprehensive program in place to educate physicians regarding the sensitivities that Jewish patients may have while going through the fertility process, so that doctors and couples have the same expectations and the lines of communication remain open.

PUAH thoroughly addresses all aspects of Jewish law that may affect the fertility process. Rabbi Segelman explained, “Due to various sensitivities in Jewish law, PUAH has implemented a lab observation system for our professional medical supervisors oversee the procedures. This allows Jewish couples to comfortably undergo any assisted reproductive technologies.”

Main Line Fertility and PUAH have had an ongoing partnership for years, and Rabbi Segelman has referred many patients to the facility. He says, “We have a very strong connection with Dr. Glassner and his stellar team of physicians at Main Line Fertility, and we know that our patients will receive the best medical care and attention there. I am so impressed with Dr. Glassner’s dedication, kindness and optimism. His compassion and warmth is a very important ingredient to this partnership because couples benefit greatly from the incredible emotional support.”

He added, “Of course, since we are catering to the Jewish community, Dr. Glassner is well aware of Jewish law and is always exceptionally accommodating to couples’ needs. I know he is fully on our side.”

He added, “Although PUAH is based in New York, many times I’ve recommended that couples go to Philadelphia’s Main Line Fertility because I am confident they will receive the best care there.”

The PUAH organization does not profit from any referrals to Main Line Fertility.

Website for more information: https://puahonline.org