From Embryologist to Patient – Beth’s Infertility Journey

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From Embryologist to Patient – Beth’s Infertility Journey

As a health professional who has worked in the field of fertility as an embryologist for over ten years, Beth Raneiro did not expect that one day she would become a patient in her own fertility clinic.

Several years ago, at the age of 34, Raneiro had undergone the egg freezing process. She was single at the time, and she knew wholeheartedly that she wanted to eventually have children. She explained, “Since I have worked in this environment for a while, I was familiar with the medical research and the variety of procedures available to women that were related to infertility. Most importantly, I understood that a woman’s eggs age very quickly and I needed to be prepared for the future.”

After marrying her husband, Jon, in August 2016, the couple began trying to conceive. However, after several months, they decided to have two embryo transfers in 2017. However, those procedures were both unsuccessful. In January 2018, she chose to undergo a third embryo transfer, this time using her frozen eggs, which resulted in a successfully pregnancy earlier this year. In October of 2018, she gave birth to a healthy baby daughter.

Although infertility can be caused by a number of health reasons, she revealed that she had a condition referred to as “unexplained infertility.” This means all diagnostic testing showed a normal fertility for herself and her husband, which was especially stressful for the couple.

She said, “It just wasn’t happening for us. We really had found no real reason for our infertility issues. But I’m thankful that I had my career at Main Line Fertility, because my knowledge and expertise made the experience so much easier for me, primarily because I had the medical background and knew what to expect. Also, I work with patients all the time, and it was really inspirational to meet so many strong, positive women sharing their own experiences with infertility. And that truly helped me remain hopeful and get through the rough patches.”

As a health professional who has experienced infertility personally, Raneiro now has a shared experience with the women she interacts with daily at Main Line Fertility.

She explained, “I can really sympathize with women dealing with In Vitro Fertilization or any type of fertility issues. Having gone through this process myself, I realized how long a day can feel to a patient. You are always waiting for something – whether it’s your period or test results. Honestly, one day can feel like a month and it can be frustrating.”

Raneiro added, “Going through an infertility treatment takes a lot of patience and trust in the process. Being a patient and embryologist at Main Line Fertility has given me perspective from both sides of the infertility journey. Knowing you’re supported by highly-experienced doctors, nurses and embryologist helps you feel like you’re not alone. And I can confidently say that everyone you encounter at Main Line Fertility truly has your best interest at heart.”