The Cox Family

“Without Dr. Glassner and his amazing team at MLF, our dream of having a family would have never become a reality. Every individual we dealt with was always kind, caring, and compassionate at every step along the way. That meant so much to us while we on this emotional roller coaster. We truly consider the team at MLF as part of our family. We will be eternally grateful for the miracle they helped bring into our lives”

The Heath Family

“Our Main Line Fertility experience was awesome. We worked with Dr. Glassner and the incredible MLF nurses and staff. During our journey we struggled with PCOS, a difficult ectopic pregnancy that resulted in a devastating loss and surgery. The nurses understood the financial and emotional stress of dealing with infertility and were so supportive. I’m happy to say that our perseverance paid off and we finally found out we were expecting, I felt like the staff at MLF were just as excited as we were. They helped support us through our first trimester, reassured me that things were okay at every appointment, and when we “graduated” from Main Line Fertility, we received hugs and well wishes from the staff which really made me feel that they cared about us and our journey. My rainbow baby, who we named Journey, was born on New Year’s Eve in 2015. I can’t thank Dr. Glassner and his team enough for everything they did to help us achieve our goals of becoming parents.”

The Jones Family

“Our experience at Main Line Fertility was beyond exceptional! We are forever grateful for Dr. Orris, Dr. Brasile, and the rest of our team. It takes a special group of people to know what to say during difficult news, and how to turn tears into laughter after a hard appointment. We can’t thank our team enough for our beautiful twins, James and Jessica.”

The Minnick Family

“We are so grateful to Dr. Glassner and the Main Line Fertility Nurses and Staff. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility, and after 3 unsuccessful IUIs, we moved on to IVF. It was very scary but Dr. Glassner and the IVF team were so thorough, caring, and wonderful to work with. We were blessed with our daughter after one IVF cycle, and now 4 years later we are expecting another miracle baby!”