Sperm freezing to preserve reproductive potential for the future.

YOUNG MEN DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER: MLFC offers a fertility preservation program which includes sperm cryopreservation and storage for males who have been recently diagnosed with an illness where drug and treatment or surgery would result in their being infertile (cancer, chemotherapeutic agents for other conditions, etc.). Our center has an arrangement with CHOP – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – to expediciously accommodate young men diagnosed with cancer.  We are aware of the urgency and importance of this service, and our staff will treat you with compassion and sensitivity. We have recently become a Sharing Hope Center, a program developed by Fertile Hope. This is the first-ever national program to help reduce costs of fertility preservation for cancer patients who are in need of financial assistance. The program administration is funded by the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  Please feel free to contact Jan Kozak by calling 484-380-4863 if you have any questions.

“As treatments for childhood cancers have improved, more and more survivors are
entering their reproductive years, and are thinking about starting families of
their own. Unfortunately, impaired fertility can be an unwanted consequence of
the treatments used to cure pediatric cancer. The Cancer Survivorship Program at
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia recognizes that fertility is an
extremely important issue related to long-term quality of life for our

Thought must be given to whether a child’s fertility is likely
to be impacted by treatment. Ideally, this should occur before the start of
therapy, when a window of opportunity may exist to preserve the patient’s future
reproductive potential.

The Cancer Survivorship Program is very invested
in offering fertility preservation options to the patients and families who are
seen at the CHOP Cancer Center. We offer fertility preservation options to
pre-pubertal and pubertal males and females. This video is focused on sperm
banking as an option for pubertal boys who will soon begin cancer

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SPERM FREEZING BEFORE VASECTOMY:  MLFC offers sperm cryopreservation before he undergoes a vasectomy procedure by a urologist.  Call 484-380-4863 to schedule a semen freezing appointment.

SPERM FREEZING FOR IUI OR IVF CYCLE: If the husband or partner will be out of town when an intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure is scheduled, he can schedule a semen freezing appointment ahead of time.  The sample can be thawed and used for future cycles.

SPERM FREEZING AFTER EPIDIDYMAL OR TESTICULAR BIOPSY: If a urologist has recommended  a diagnostic epididymal or testicular biopsy to determine if sperm are being produced, the procedure can be performed at the Main Line Fertility Center.  If viable sperm are seen, these sperm can be frozen for future IVF cycles.

Please call the MLFC Andrology Laboratory in Bryn Mawr at 484-380-4863 or email kozakj@mainlinefertility.com for more information about sperm freezing.