Fertility Nurse Bridget Interviewed by Bex on AMP Radio 96.5

Bridget Brennan, RN – a fertility nurse from Main Line Fertility was interviewed by radio host Bex on AMP Radio 96.5  show.  Bridget explains the process of freezing eggs to preserve fertility potential.

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96.5 AMP Radio – How can freezing your eggs preserve fertility potential?  Listen Here


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Egg Freezing is becoming more widespread as women learn that they can preserve their future fertility.  Many women see celebrities like Sophia Vergara “taking advantage of science” and freezing their eggs.  Egg freezing, or “oocyte cryopreservation,” has given many women who are considering motherhood in the future – hope.  With high-profile careers involving grueling film schedules, tours and premiere appearances, it’s no wonder some celebs view it as a smart move.

Why freeze eggs?

Many people don’t realize that fertility significantly decreases as we age. Many of us see celebrities having babies in their 40’s and 50’s, not knowing that many of those babies are from eggs donated by younger women.  Around the age of thirty, a woman’s egg quality starts to decrease, making pregnancy more difficult to achieve. In this day of age, many women are opting to delay starting a family for many reasons, such as pursuing a career or continuing an education. The good news is that women can now freeze their eggs and virtually stop the biological clock.

Who is freezing eggs? Single women may choose to freeze eggs because they are not ready to start a family.  Many do not yet have a partner.  Women who desire to postpone childbearing for the purpose of education or career can freeze eggs while they are young. In addition, women with a family history of early menopause may wish to freeze eggs before their eggs are depleted at an early age.  Furthermore, couples undergoing in-vitro fertilization who do not consider embryo freezing as an option can elect to fertilize a percentage of the eggs retrieved and freeze the remaining unfertilized eggs.  Therefore, there are no excess embryos and no need for the couple to make complex decisions related to embryo management. Women diagnosed with cancer can cryopreserve their eggs before they undergo chemotherapy, surgery or radiation treatment. 

When is the right time to freeze eggs?

In terms of freezing eggs, younger is better. Some reproductive specialists recommend freezing eggs at the age of thirty or even earlier. As a woman ages a hormone called anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH), which is a measurement of ovarian reserve, will decrease with age. Also, a larger percentage of her eggs will become chromosomally abnormal with age. Therefore, the chance of becoming pregnant decreases, along with a higher chance of a miscarriage.

NEW an all-inclusive egg freezing  financial package for women who are not ready to start a familyAlarm clock snooze In 2013, Main Line Fertility introduced an all-inclusive financial package for women who are not ready to start a family and want to freeze eggs to preserve fertility potential.  $6,000 includes cycle monitoring, egg retrieval procedure, freezing eggs, and one year of storage.  Fertility medications are an additional $3,000-$7,500, and anesthesia is $500.  In addition, our Affordable Options Programs can provide significant savings on fertility medications for income-eligible patients who have no insurance coverage.   This special program requires that you are a US citizen .  In addition, there is a  maximum annual household gross income to qualify. Visit our DISCOUNTED MEDICATION PAGE   under our FINANCIAL INFORMATION section of our website.   If you have any questions about the process of egg freezing please contact Dr. Sharon Anderson at 484-380-4884 or email at Sharon.anderson@mainlinefertility.com

Cancer Patients Women diagnosed with cancer can preserve their eggs before they undergo surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.  Main Line Fertility has a Fertility Preservation Program.  Free fertilility medications and discounted services are available for cancer patients through the Oncofertility Consortium program.  Email oncofertility@mainlinefertility.com .

Learn more about egg freezing below

Bridget is a fertility nurse at the Main Line Fertility Center.  She recently went through the process of freezing her eggs.  She is our Egg Freezing Ambassador and is available to answer questions about the process.  She can be contacted by emailing bridget.brennan@mainlinefertility.com or by calling 484-380-4892.



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May/June 2014: Bridget is an IVF nurse at Main Line Fertility.  Read Bridget’s story about why she froze her eggs.   Bridget says, “If I only knew” is the most common phrase a fertility nurse hears from patients. This phrase says it all. One of the most common situations this statement refers to is when a woman comes to terms with the fact that she can no longer use her own eggs to achieve a pregnancy. Unfortunately, most women do not realize fertility peaks in their early twenties and decreases as they age.   read more..


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