Items to complete before starting in vitro fertilization (IVF) or a frozen embryo transfer (FET)
Consult With Your Physician
Your physician is available for telemedicine consultations to discuss your personalized fertility plan. Whether it’s a new patient appointment, a discussion about your current plan or a second opinion we are still here for you. Most physicians are offering same day or next day appointments.

To schedule a telemedicine appointment email [email protected]

Complete Your Diagnostic Testing
If your care plan includes diagnostic testing you can complete it now. Diagnostic testing includes Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA), ReceptivaDX, Hysteroscopy, Saline Tubal Perfusion (STP) and Ovulation Tracking. Having completed your diagnostic testing now will allow you to start your treatment cycle as soon as we resume care.

To schedule your diagnostic testing email [email protected]

Obtain your medications
You should have all of your medications before you begin your IVF cycle.

To have your medication scripts sent to your pharmacy email [email protected]

Screen For a Clinical Research Trial
Patients who participate in clinical research trials get the satisfaction of helping the medical community and future fertility patients. They may also qualify to receive deeply discounted IVF and medications. We are now prescreening candidates over the phone.
To schedule a clinical trial prescreen phone appointment email [email protected]
Complete IVF Orientation (New IVF Patients)
For patients who will be undergoing IVF for the first time, we encourage you to do your IVF orientation via telemedicine. Having completed your IVF orientation now will allow you to start you IVF cycle as soon as we resume care.
To schedule your IVF orientation email [email protected]
Complete the IVF Checklist (Returning IVF Patients)
For returning patients who planned to do an IVF cycle in 2020 (full cycle or frozen embryo transfer) please complete the entire IVF checklist now so you can start your cycle as soon as possible when we resume care.
Important to note
  • We are still doing semen analysis testing at our Bryn Mawr location
  • We can send scripts to labs capitated by your insurance (ie- Quest or Labcorp) for patient and partner lab panels
For assistance completing the IVF checklist email [email protected]
Financially Prepare For Treatment
Infertility care can be expensive and for many patients the cost of treatment can be a significant hurdle. The actual cost of fertility treatment is based on a number of factors including your diagnosis, treatment plan, insurance coverage and prescription benefits. We offer financing, an IVF refund program, and discount programs to make care accessible for more patients.
For more information about affording treatment email [email protected]
Request a Univfy PreIVF Report
Main Line Fertility offers patients a complimentary Univfy preivf report so they will have a highly accurate personalized prediction for their probability of having a baby within the first three cycles of IVF.
To request a personalized Univfy preivf report email [email protected]
Take a Prenatal Vitamin
We recommend that all patients attempting to conceive take a prenatal vitamin. Based on your personalized care plan, your physician may also want you to take additional supplements.

For questions about supplements email [email protected]

Practice Self Care
Having difficulty conceiving can be a huge source of stress, anxiety, and even depression. During a global pandemic those emotions can be heightened. We encourage all patients to take care of themselves during this difficult and unprecedented time.

Self Care Resources

  • Our Main Line Fertility Support Group is being held virtually three times a month
  • Connect with other MLF patients in our private facebook group
    • Search Main Line Fertility Patients Closed Group
  • Speak with a professional from a list of professionals who specialize in infertility