Main Line Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, LTD is a reproductive endocrinology and infertility practice that also offers full andrology services.  A semen analysis appointment can be scheduled at the Main Line Fertility Center in Bryn Mawr (484-380-4863) or at Paoli Pointe (610-993-8200) near the Paoli Hospital.

Much can be learned about a man’s fertility through examining his semen under a microscope. Both the quantity and quality of his sperm may be assessed.

The laboratory report includes the following information about the semen specimen:

  • Volume in milliliters (ml)
  • Concentration in millions of sperm per ml
  • Motility = % of sperm that are moving
  • Morphology = % of sperm that are normally shaped



  • Physician signs an order
  • Patient calls andrology lab to schedule an appointment
  • Patient should ejaculate 3 days before appointment, then abstain from sexual activity until appointment
  • Wash/dry hands before semen collection
  • Label container with name and date of birth
  • It is best if the semen sample is collected at the center.  However, semen can be collected at home if:

– Sample collected by masturbation into sterile specimen container (available at a pharmacy)

– No saliva, condom or lubrication

– Maintain specimen at body temperature

– Specimen must be delivered to lab within one hour of collection

  • Some insurance companies require a referral (patient’s responsibility) prior to an appointment. Payment is required at the time of appointment and before analysis will be performed.
  • Allow 24 hours for report to be faxed to your doctor
  • Call your referring doctor for results and interpretation