Egg Donation Program and Egg Bank

The donor egg program is for women who have poor egg quality, advanced maternal age (AMA), premature menopause, a genetic disorder, or absence of ovaries due to surgery, previous chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Women who are unable to produce healthy eggs are able to achieve pregnancy and experience childbirth through the egg donation. Egg donation is a process in which eggs from a young, healthy woman (the donor) are fertilized in the laboratory by sperm from the recipient’s partner or sperm donor. The resulting embryos are then transferred to the recipient’s uterus (womb).

Oocyte donors can be anonymous (unknown), known (like a friend or family member), or from an agency. The Main Line Fertility Center has an egg donor program coordinator who recruits and screens potential egg donors. These donors must undergo an extensive screening process established by the FDA and American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). Screening includes medical and family history, physical exam, psychological evaluation, and infectious disease testing.EggDonors

New: MLFC egg donors are now listed online.  Visit Egg Donor Search to see a list.  You must be a current patient to see more detailed profiles.  If you are a current patient, call 484-380-4886 to obtain a Username and Password.

Main Line Fertility also has large bank of frozen eggs donated by young, healthy donors.  The advantage of using frozen eggs from an egg bank is that the recipient and egg donor cycles do not have to be synchronized.  Typically, six eggs are thawed, fertilized with the male partner’s sperm to make embryos, and then the embryos are transferred into the recipient’s uterus several days later.

Our donor egg coordinator will help a couple select an appropriate donor based on physical characteristics, education, and family background. Recipient couples may also use a female friend or family member (sister) as known egg donors. Please contact Terri Jamison at or 484-380-4886 for more information.

Quote from a prospective egg donor…….What message would you like passed on to the recipient of your eggs/their offspring? “I would love to congratulate the recipient on building the family they so badly wanted and so genuinely deserve.  I’d like to say that I’m so sorry for the pain and hurt you’ve experienced up to this point but that I am absolutely honored to have been a part of this incredible endeavor.  And to the child that emerges, I hope you understand how badly your parents yearned for you, and feel every day how loved you really are.

Testimonial from patient – “After 3.5 years of 7 failed IUIs, 5 IVFs, my husband and I decided to move forward with the egg donor program. I was hesitant at first and needed to come to term with the fact that my DNA would not be passed through to my child. I soon realized that my blood, my body, my food would nourish this child and biologically she would be mine. To me, it was more important to experience pregnancy, to carry a baby, to go through the birthing process, to physically bring a child into this world than it was where the egg came from. Thanks to the egg donor program and the unbelievable staff at MLF, I now have a beautiful 5 month old baby girl. She looks EXACTLY like her daddy but I know she has my spirit and personality!”